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Our Investment Management Process

Executive Summary

We develop your investment profile that serves as the foundation for a long-term investment strategy designed to suit your specific needs and goals. The starting point is the discussion of your goals and investment objectives. Then we learn about your personal preferences with respect to risk-taking and potential return on your investments. Once we understand your overall financial situation, we will assess all these factors and work together to create an overall investment strategy. The answers you provide become the main building blocks for us to professionally managing your assets. After we analyze your requirements and goals, an investment strategy is developed that is tailored to your specific situation.

Investment Philosophy

To help maximize your chance of success we used a Top Down Approuch to address your investment needs. We design and stick with an asset allocation that reflect your goals, tolerance for risk, and time horizon. We develop and maintain a globally diversified portfolio with low-cost securities so that more of your investment is working for you.

Asset Allocation and Diversification

The weighting of the various asset categories in a portfolio can be one of the most important factors in the implementation of any investment strategy. Spreading risk among asset classes and investment vehicles is a common tactic used to help reduce the overall risk of a portfolio, although a diversified asset allocation does not ensure investment gains or protect against losses. The proposed target asset allocation includes asset classes represented by other current investments you plan to continue holding.

Executing the Strategy

With a thorough assessment of your needs and with the asset allocation strategy in place, the next step is to carefully integrate securities and asset managers that attempt to control risk while maximizing the potential for return. In selecting your securities and asset managers to participate in our investment programs, we employ a careful evaluation and due diligence process that screens thousands of securities and investment management firms down to a select group with attractive risk/reward characteristics.

Monitoring the Growth of your future

After the investment portfolio has been aligned with your goals and objectives and has been implemented, we provide ongoing management and monitoring to make sure your investments stay on track. We will keep you abreast of the progress of your portfolio through comprehensive quarterly performance reports and can also share with you any new announcements that may affect your investment decisions. All these documents are also available to you online. If you have multiple accounts you can chose to receive one single, consolidated report. In addition to the quarterly performance reports, also available to you online are links to daily news headlines, a variety of additional reports that relate to the performance of your investment portfolio as well as resources that may help you understand your investments better.