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What is a free consultation?

What is a free consultation?

Your complementary consultation is a private discussion with a Certified Financial Planner Professional that has over 24 years of experience helping people navigate the complexity of financially moving into and through retirement. It can be conducted at our office, on the phone or by video conference.

Your personal consultation provides you the opportunity to review financial topics such as:

  • Developing and prioritizing financial goals.
  • Seeking solutions to financial problems and concerns.
  • Learning more about how to design, build and implement a financial plan.
  • Review an existing financial plan for accuracy.
  • Get a second opinion of another advisor’s recommendation.
  • Analyze your investment portfolio to see if you are: (1) getting the returns you need, (2) taking too much risk to achieve those returns and, (3) paying too much in fees.
  • Retirement accounts and taxation planning
  • Learn about our wealth management strategies and services.
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